Know who viewed your Figma

FigmaTrack is a complete analytical tool providing you visibility into your prototypes views
Join leading designers and stop guessing who's watching

Track Views

Track views of visitors that used you're sharable figma links

Analyze Sessions

Look beyond visits and get insights about how visitors interact with your prototypes

Light & Easy

No Plugins, No export. Plain Figma.

People enjoy using FigmaTrack to build lovely websites.

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"Seeing exactly who interacts with our designs and how many people view them has been transformative. FigmaTrack gave us the clarity to tailor our prototypes more effectively, resulting in increased stakeholder buy-in."

Jordan, UI Designer

"FigmaTrack's audience insights are phenomenal. Knowing not just how many, but who is engaging with our designs helped us fine-tune our approach and significantly improve our client presentations."

Helen,Design Lead

"The ability to track viewer engagement in real-time has set FigmaTrack apart. It's empowered us to make informed decisions."

Morgan, Product Manager

Sharing your designs and not getting feedback ? 

Stop waiting & guessing !


Fast and Easy

  • Just enter your figma link and start using your new FigmaTrack link.
  • No Figma plugin needed
  • No figma export
Just tell us the figma url you want to track
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